Around the Venue

Sasebo City has a lot of places to see! Please enjoy your time of pre/post- conference!

Huis Ten Bosch

Welcome to the town full of flowers, lights, games and music!

Only one day is not enough to fully enjoy – so many amusements are waiting for you!



Number of superb views woven by 208 islands.

Enjoy these views by boat, or from the observatory tower.

Other Various Tourist Spots are available at the following URL.

Miuramachi Catholic Church

Miura-Cho Catholic Church

Solemn gothic architecture/Soaring church

Sasebo Museum of the Maritime Self Defense Force (Sail Tower)

sail tower

Many models of ships are displayed

Kuroshima Church (A candidate for the World Heritage)

Kuroshima Church

Solemn church with 400 thousands of bricks

Kujukushima Zoological & Botanical Garden "MORIKIRARA"


Japan's biggest ceiling aquarium "New Penguin Hall"


4○3 Arcade

It is said to be the most cheerful arcaded street in Japan

Sasebo 5th Avenue


This is the shopping mall having 83 shops, located in front of the sea