Scientific Program

April 10th (Monday) 2017

Room 1
9:20~9:30   Opening Ceremony
Hiroshi Yatsuhashi (Chairman of the Conference)
9:30~11:00   Session 1: Epidemiology and Risk Factors for HCC
Chairs: A. Kadir Dokmeci (Turkey), Osamu Yokosuka (Japan)
  1. Risk Factors for HCC in Patients with HCV after Anti-Viral Treatment
    Yasuhiro Asahina (Japan)
  2. What We Know about the Host Genome and HCC in HCV Infection
    Yoshiyuki Ueno (Japan)
  3. Hepatitis Action Plan and Changing Trend of Liver Disease in Japan
    Tatsuya Kanto (Japan)
11:00~11:30   Coffee Break
11:30~13:00   Luncheon Seminar 1
Sponsored by Gilead Sciences K.K.
Chair: Takafumi Ichida (Japan)
  1. Perspectives from Japanese Real-World (RW) Data – CHC and HCC
    Tetsuo Takehara (Japan)
  2. Perspectives from Asia and the World - Extra Hepatic Manifestation (EHM)
    Mei-Hsuan Lee (Taiwan)
  3. Uncovering the Benefits of Hepatitis C Treatment and Beyond
    Edward Gane (New Zealand)
13:00~13:10   Coffee Break
13:10~14:40   Educational Symposium
Sponsored by Alexion Pharma
Chair: Akio Ido (Japan)
  1. Overview and Current Topics of Lysosomal Acid Lipase Deficiency (LAL-D)
    Yoshikatsu Eto (Japan)
  2. LAL-D Hepatic Pathophysiology and Japanese Case with Hepatocellular Carcinoma
    Koichi Shiraishi (Japan)
  3. Lipidology on Lysosomal Acid Lipase Deficiency
    Masatsune Ogura (Japan)
14:40~14:50   Coffee Break
14:50~15:50   Session 2: HCC-1
Chair: Dr. Laurentius Lesmana (Indonesia)
  1. Immunotherapy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma
    Shuichi Kaneko (Japan)
  2. Intratumor Heterogeneity (ITH) of HCC
    Masao Omata (Japan)
15:50~16:00   Coffee Break
16:00~17:00   Evening Seminar 1
Sponsored by AbbVie GK
Chair: Kazuhiko Nakao (Japan)
  1. Appropriate Selection of Direct-Acting Antivirals for Patients with Hepatitis C Virus Infection
    Yoichi Hiasa (Japan)
  2. Mechanisms Involved in the Development of NS5A-RAVs and NS5B-RAVs in Patients Receiving DAA Therapies
    Satoshi Mochida (Japan)

Room 2
9:50~17:00   Oral Free Paper Session


Room 3
17:00~18:30   Poster Free Paper Session
19:00~21:00   Welcome Reception at Hall “OTORI”

April 11th (Tuesday) 2017

Room 1
8:00~9:00   Morning Seminar 1
Sponsored by Eisai Co., Ltd.
Chair: Masao Omata (Japan)
  1. Treatment Strategies Taking into Account the Clinical Course Progressing to Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma
    Sadahisa Ogasawara (Japan)
  2. Challenge to Advanced HCC by Hepatic Arterial Infusion Chemotherapy
    Shuntaro Obi (Japan)
9:00~9:10   Coffee Break
9:10~10:40   Session 3: HCV
Chair: Wan-Long Chuang (Taiwan)
  1. New DAA Treatments for Hepatitis C Virus Infection
    Nobuyuki Enomoto (Japan)
  2. APASL HCV Guidelines
    Tatsuo Kanda (Japan)
  3. Post SVR Syndrome
    Hiroshi Yatsuhashi (Japan)
10:40~10:50   Coffee Break
10:50~11:50   Session 4: HBV
Chair: Jose Sollano (Philippines)
  1. Prevention of HCC in HBV Infection in Korea
    Kwang-Hyub Han (Korea)
  2. Prevention of HCC in HBV Infection
    Jia-Horng Kao (Taiwan)
11:50~12:00   Coffee Break
12:00~13:00   Luncheon Seminar 2
Sponsored by MSD K.K.
Chair: Kazuhiko Koike (Japan)
  1. DAA Treatments in the Difficult-to-Treat Situations: Renal Failure and Hemodialysis Patients
    Naoya Sakamoto (Japan)
  2. Recent Progress in Treatment Chronic Hepatitis C for Genotype 1
    Kazuaki Chayama (Japan)
13:00~13:15   Coffee Break
13:15~15:45   Session 5: HCC-2
Chair: George Lau (Hong Kong), Wasim Jafri (Pakistan)
  1. HCC Genome and Therapeutic Strategy
    Naoya Kato (Japan)
  2. New HCC Diagnosis
    Masatoshi Kudo (Japan)
  3. Radiofrequency Ablation
    Shuichiro Shiina (Japan)
  4. Conversion Therapy with Hepatic Arterial Infusion Chemotherapy Prolongs Overall Survival of Patients with Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma Involving Vascular Invasion
    Takuji Torimura (Japan)
  5. Asia-Pacific Clinical Practice Guideline on the Management of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: a 2016 Update
    Sadahisa Ogasawara (Japan)
15:45~16:00   Coffee Break
16:00~17:30   Evening Seminar 2
Sponsored by Sysmex Corporation
Chairs: Masashi Mizokami (Japan), Seung Kew Yoon (Korea)
  1. Is M2BPGi a predictive marker of HCC development in patients with HCV?
    Kazumi Yamasaki (Japan)
  2. Serum WFA+-M2BP levels for evaluation of early stages of liver fibrosis and the risk of HCC development in chronically HBV-infected patients
    Xinxin Zhang (China)
  3. Serum M2BPGi as a new biomarker for liver fibrosis and HCC in patients with hepatitis C
    Jun-Qi Niu (China)
  4. The role of M2BPGi in the prediction of HCC development for chronic hepatitis C patients
    Ming Lung Yu (Taiwan)
  5. M2BPGi as a biomarker for occurrence and recurrence of HCC after anti-HCV therapy
    Yasuhiro Asahina (Japan)

Room 2
8:00~9:00   Morning Seminar 2
Sponsored by Roche Diagnostics K.K.
Chair: Takashi Kumada (Japan)
  1. Epidemiology of HBV and HCV Infections from the Viewpoint of Eradicating of Liver Cancer
    Junko Tanaka (Japan)
  2. TLL1 Genetic Variants Associated with Development of Hepatocellular Carcinoma after Eradication of Hepatitis C Virus
    Yasuhito Tanaka (Japan)
12:00~13:00   Luncheon Seminar 3
Sponsored by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Chair: Namiki Izumi (Japan)
  1. L-carnitine Treatment Improves Muscle Cramps and Impaired Brain Function in Liver Cirrhosis Patients
    Hiroyuki Nakanishi (Japan)
  2. Effectiveness and Safety of Tolvaptan in Liver Cirrhosis Patients with Ascites
    Isao Sakaida (Japan)
13:00~13:15   Coffee Break
13:15~15:15   Session 6: LC (NASH)
Chairs: Shotaro Sakisaka (Japan), Barjesh C. Sharma (India)
  1. Contribution of Hepatic Stellate Cells to Inflammation, Fibrosis and Cancer in Steatohepatitis
    Norifumi Kawada (Japan)
  2. Oxidative Stress and Hepatocellular Carcinoma
    Keisuke Hino (Japan)
  3. Fibrosis and HCC in NASH
    Hitoshi Yoshiji (Japan)
  4. HCC in NASH; Any Difference from HCC of Other Etiologies?
    Etsuko Hashimoto (Japan)
15:20~15:50   Special Lecture: HCC and Gene
Chair: Hiroshi Yatsuhashi (Japan)
  1. Development of Non-Invasive Biomarker from Novel Gene Hunting in HCC: Diagnostic Biomarker and Therapeutic Target
    Seung Kew Yoon (Korea)

April 12th (Wednesday) 2017

Room 1
8:00~9:00   Morning Seminar 3
Sponsored by Abbott Japan Co., Ltd.
Chair: Kentaro Yoshioka (Japan)
  1. Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B and HCC
    Fumitaka Suzuki (Japan)
  2. Control of HBV in the Asian-Pacific Region
    Hiroshi Yotsuyanagi (Japan)
9:00~9:10   Coffee Break
9:10~11:10   Session 7: Lipid and HCV Lipid and HCC
Chair: Naoya Kato (Japan)
  1. Molecular Mechanisms of HCV Membrane Replication Complex Formation
    Takaji Wakita (Japan)
  2. Mediators of Lipid Metabolism and Hepatocyte Apoptosis in NASH: How They Execute and Communicate
    Yuko Akazawa (Japan)
  3. Lipid Metabolic Disorders in HCV-Infected Liver: Metabolic Strategies for Antiviral Treatments
    Makoto Nakamuta (Japan)
11:10~11:20   Closing Ceremony
Hiroshi Yatsuhashi (Chairman of the Conference)

Room 2
8:00~9:00   Morning Seminar 4
Sponsored by LSI Medience Corporation
Chair: Hiroshi Yatsuhashi
  1. Mass Spectrometry and Biomarker Analysis
    Kazuhiro Tanabe (Japan)
  2. Lipid Metabolic Disorders in HCV-Infected Liver: Metabolic Strategies for Antiviral Treatments
    Makoto Nakamuta (Japan)
9:10~10:10   Session 8: PBC
Chair: Yasushi Matsuzaki (Japan)
  1. Biliary Epithelial Cells as Target for Primary Biliary Cholangitis
    Shinji Shimoda (Japan)
  2. Management of PBC
    Atsushi Tanaka (Japan)